We are modern sensibility
As pioneers in the small space furniture market our focus is to continuously offer products designed with YOU in mind. Our products are made specifically to solve your space needs as opposed to scaling down bigger models.
Not Your Mother’s Sofabed
A modern approach
Forget everything you know about sofa beds. We’ve created well made, light weight, minimalistic designs that work for any room or home.
Designed To Fit
Smart packaging and genius design to manoeuvre into tight spaces and entryways. How? Say goodbye to static sofas and hello to transforming furniture.
Changes when you do
Let’s face it, life happens and your sofa should be able to keep up with the changing demands of your life. Our modular and slipcovered sofas give you the power and flexibility needed in a small home.
Fits any occasion
Change look with removable slipcovers.
Designed to accomodate
Rediscover your sofa in a whole new light.
Customize your lifestyle
Lots of configurations at no additional cost.
Keep Scrolling!
Built Strong
Our products are made using only the highest grade materials, ethically sourced hardwood, high density foam and aluminum mechanisms.
Designed in Canada
Quality materials
Ethically sourced
Long life span
The Collection